Michael Oren – Israel ambassador to the U.S. – speaks

An eloquent speech by Michael Oren over Yom Kippur, provides a perspective on Israel’s decision making – and compares current day scenarios with Jonah’s response to G-d request that he warn Nineveh.

Willam Kristol’s summary is this:

“More than Gaza, more than peace, the ultimate quandary of statecraft centers on Iran. 

This is the radical, genocidal Iran whose leaders regularly call for Israel’s annihilation and provides terrorists with the means for accomplishing that goal. This is the Iran that undermines governments throughout the Middle East and even South America, and an Iran that shoots its own people protesting for freedom. 

Iran does all this without nuclear weapons—imagine what it would do with the nuclear arms it is assiduously developing. And imagine what you, awakening once again as the Israeli Prime Minister, will decide. Do you remain passive while Iran provides nuclear weaponry to terrorist groups, targets Tel Aviv with nuclear-tipped missiles, and triggers a nuclear arms race throughout the region? Or do you act, as Israel has now, joining with the United States and other like-minded nations in imposing sanctions on Iran, hoping to dissuade its rulers from nuclearizing? And, if that fails, do you keep all options on the table, with the potentially far-reaching risks those options entail?

And later:

Stand with us as we resist Iran’s efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. Respect the decisions we take through our democratic system and respect the risks that we, more than any other nation, take.  It would seem that if President Obama does not act to stop Iran, Prime Minister Netanyahu will.

The speech is here 

Another viewpoint on Middle East strategy is from Nobel Prizewinner Robert Aumann here. If you want peace, prepare for war – and certainly don’t want “peace now”.

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