Melanie Phillips on the feeble one-sided approach of a UK left liberal

Melanie Phillips responded well here to comments from a UK minister, Simon Hughes regarding alternatives to a 2-state solution.  Hughes can only think of some sort of one-state solution.  This is happening curiously at a time when Fatah is trying to push through a Palestinian state resolution through the General Assembly.

Assuming that Fatah is in fact not capable or is unwilling to enter into any agreement, there are other options, of course, as we discussed in this prior blog item A “how many” state solution

Ehud Barak recently spoke about the merits of a possible withdrawal from parts of the West Bank as another option here while maintaining the major settlements and a Jordan Valley presence.  This has received some airplay.

A worrying development is the report that Jordan’s King Abdullah is under increased threat from the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, as reported here

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