May the Fourth be with you

As many will know, May the Fourth is official Star Wars Day

Israel’s leading edge technology now includes a system to see through walls. as shown on this video.

Applications for the Israeli developed technology by the company CAMERO include military, law enforcement and search and rescue.

As the article from IMRA states, the Camero system reveals the location of people in any room without having to venture into it.  The device enables you to know where people are located in a room in real time before having to enter it.  The Xavier 400 is about the size of a laptop computer weighing under 3kg including the battery.  It also has an optimized design for tactical operations which makes it easy to carry around by combat soldiers in the field. The identification system is based on a unique, multichannel, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor that operates at very high bandwidth that enables reliable detection and object resolution. The Xavier 400 system is able to locate images through walls using electromagnetic pulses and is able to provide quick location and number of people hidden by walls and barriers.

When a child was kidnapped in a foreign country, the local elite police squad used the Xavier 400 to determine where in the building the kidnappers were located. They were then able to wait until the girl was alone in a room before bursting in to save her, saving her from possible harm during the rescue operation.   The device is already deployed worldwide, and will continue to be marketed to special forces, law enforcement agencies, and firefighting and rescue teams.

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