Max Bemis (and Van) – something different

Never a dull moment when Israel is involved – the West Bank Palestinians are now getting into the act with the ABC PM radio show today carefully not providing any reasons why Abbas getting the UN status may not be a great thing for peace e.g. a further excuse to not enter into direct negotiation with Israel, and instead use external pressure; and torpedoing what is left of the Oslo accords.  Comments on it from CAMERA here

Anyway .. a back issue of Drum Media from earlier in the year mentions a visit to Sydney by the U.S band Say Anything, featuring their front man Max Bemis.  Their set list included the quaintly titled “Shiksa (girlfriend)” here and some songs Cemetery Admit It Alive with the glory of love

What of Max Bemis – an interview here and wiki here

and for something again different Van the Man with When the Healing Has Begun featuring the incredible Talia Toni Marcus on viola and violin (and mandolin and stroviola) – the healing power of music  .. some footage of Toni Marcus (as she was known then) on a video of Tupelo Honey here and here

.. and later (earlier) on here and here

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