Marrickville BDS bites the dust

It is good Passover news that the BDS attempt in Marrickville met an ignominious end; and thanks to those who helped to create a bit of order, including those who passed up on 2nd night Seder to attend.

The $3.7million laundry list of Israel boycotts (even our iconic Holden was on THE LIST!) was just the last in a series of absurdities that helped BDS to fall on its face.

Other highlights –  the Mayor admitting she wasn’t knowledgable on the issue – her handlers dumb suggestions on how she should respond to her vacillating on boycott related plans for State Gov if she was elected – the exposure of the Green party’s radical left faction that had previously passed under the radar – and the evidence to the general Australian community of just how divisive and hypocritical BDS actually is.  

Hopefully this devastating expose of BDS will accelerate its withering on the vine.

Ridicule was appropriately employed in a number of venues; I particularly liked the Sydney Morning Herald editorial on Saturday, entitled “Truth, Justice and the Marrickville Way”.  Indeed, I suspect some of the local citizenry were wondering just how low the image of Marrickville would fall, and whether it would become the butt of ongoing jokes.

Talking of jokes, did anyone see the last minute letter from supposed “top people” such as John Pilger, Naomi Klein and Ken Loach exhorting the council to continue their boycotting stance – didn’t notice them offer to compensate the rate payers for the $3.7million.

A few local related articles herehere, here, here, here, here .  I was “pleased” to see that our local imbroglio was commented on in the excellent site Divest This (well worth looking at their back columns)

Politically,  Bob Brown stumbled around in some environmental confusion; Barry O’Farrell did well; Kevin Rudd came to the fore, calling the BDS stance “nuts” while Eric Abetz emphasised how the momentum derived from this defeat of bigotry should be extended to root out other areas where BDS has seeded

Some closing Goons show lines from the Red Fort would be appropriate for the BDS-supporting Marrickville councillors.

Bloodnok: What’s the matter with you this morning, Seagoon? Why have you got such a long face?
Seagoon: Heavy dentures, sir.
Bloodnok: I see. Well, have you seen a doctor?
Seagoon: Yes, I just saw one walking down the road.

Seagoon: We’ve come to disconnect your phone.
The Red Bladder: I haven’t got one.
Seagoon: Don’t worry, we’ve brought one with us.

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One thought on “Marrickville BDS bites the dust

  1. Re the Trades Hall connection to the BDS.
    I attended a teacher’s conference a few months ago at the premises of the Melbourne Trades Hall. On the wall was a big poster condemning Israel for its attack on the Gaza Flotilla.
    It is this kind of anti-Israel activity that fuels the BDS. If we can’t get the truth out about events like the Flotilla, then anti-Israel boycotts are justified by Israel’s so-called bad behaviour.
    Anti-Israel mass media on the telly and on the front pages of the Fairfax media are what ultimately fuel the BDS where ignorant bleeding hearts are concerned, even apart from the more insidious pro-Palestinian lobby and its funding sources.
    And well done to the un-named activists who put up posters in Marrickville against the Green candidates. (see Sunday Telegraph article Miranda Devine “Anatomy of a Failed Boycott”)