Mafia tactics by the British and French

Melanie Phillips, who we link to on the right, provides a clear expose of the standover Mafia tactics employed by Cameron and Sarkozy against Netanhayu.  As Phillips states here in an open letter to Cameron “you said:‘Britain is a good friend of Israel and our support for Israel and Israel’s security is something I have described in the past, and will do so again, as unshakeable.’

I wonder, therefore, if you make a habit of threatening your friends?  For you also said that unless Israel ‘engages seriously in a meaningful peace process’ with the Palestinian Authority, the more likely it is that Britain will endorse the ‘State of Palestine’ for which the PA is expected to seek recognition at the UN in September.  This is not the behaviour of a friend so much as the kind of intimidation that is more reminiscent of a Mafia Protection Racket.”

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One thought on “Mafia tactics by the British and French

  1. I have never read such a strong article by Melanie Phillips.
    I read in a book about Jerusalem by Martin Gilbert that the antisemitic British Mandate administration in the 1920s under Storres first gave the idea to the Arabs to riot against the Jews, in a bid to overturn the intent of the Balfour Declaration. This is not often referred to, but Phillips does so here. It is unlikely the British will ever acknowledge their own dark side, but it is brave of her to point it out.
    I agree with her unfortunately realistic prediction that Hamas is likely to swallow up the Palestinian Authority. I appreciated her pointing out that while the PA had supposedly applauded Bin Laden’s demise, the Al Aksa brigade had a similar response to Hamas.
    Well done Melanie Phillips.