Like the arrival of an F35 onto a WW1 Battlefield

With all the talk of Wikileaks, it’s easy to forget the Stuxnet – but Ryan Fleming has written a fascinating article about the twists and turns of Stuxnet.  According to Fleming it has caused major damage to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but in subtle ways. 

In its ability to cause havoc in Ian’s nuclear program, it is reminiscent of that other (Ian) Fleming’s Thunderball

“thunderball” was a military term used by US soldiers to describe the mushroom cloud seen during the testing of atomic bombs. Hence its use as a title in the James Bond movie because this would be result of SPECTRE detonating the stolen atomic bombs. In a case of life imitating art, the codename for the 1976 Israeli operation to rescue hostages held in Uganda was called “Thunderball” and named after this movie.

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