Libya, Libya .. and the Green

The UN resolution and French bombing of tanks outside Bengazhi initially had the sense of the cavalry riding up in the nick of time – but we are now seeing “mission creep” with the U.S., Britain and France as the 3 Mouseketeers. .. Sarkozy looking more and more like someone with a “little man” syndrome… while the Germans, Russians and Chinese look on.

The goal of “saving civilian lives” also seems to be getting murky, with the Tomahawks flying and especially when the U.S. State Dpt spokesman has difficulty stating whether “saving lives” includes civilians who are Ghaddafi supporters.

Caroline Glick uses the current situation with Libya to ask – what is the U.S. really on about?   The answer isn’t very pretty. 

When a Saudi Arabian posed the question a couple of weeks ago  that if the U.S. won’t support them maybe China will, it wasn’t said joking.

Talking of jokes and China, the Green mayor-come-political candidate, Fiona Byrnes, denied she had said she would consider a Marrickville boycott of Chinese goods if Tibetans asked her – even though she was reported to have said it… Really… Gullible Travels .. or preaching diversity while promoting hate .. far and wide.

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2 thoughts on “Libya, Libya .. and the Green

  1. John - Marrickville March 22, 2011 at 10:09 pm -

    What a remarkable statement by Fiona Byrne in your last “wide” link – her interview with ABC’s Trevor Thompson. Before listening to that, I had been thinking foot in mouth disease, but clearly something more serious is going on. Hopefully, some of my Sydney Uni neighbours will listen, and provide a diagnosis.

  2. Caroline Glick wrote what I was thinking about the US in Libya. It makes no sense, except to appease the Arab dominated United Nations and to make things easier for Obama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood.