Liberated at Ariel

First, an attack on an academic conference about female crime at Ariel, and then an excellent response – showing that academia in Ariel is liberated from PC group thought.

Entitled Anti-Zionists never sleep by Gil Ronen.

Ronen notes that “In the “seam zone” between sociology and criminology, you see, there is an important field referred to as Partner Violence, or Domestic Violence. This field has, unfortunately, been a highly politicized one since its inception. From day one, it seems, this academic territory has been occupied brutally by the soldiers of the “New Left” in the West, who raised the flags of gender Marxism and racial Marxism in the 1960s after their defeat on the field of class Marxism (communism).

Academicians who entered the field with pure hearts, driven by intellectual curiosity and a desire to improve society, belatedly realized that they were not free to study what piqued their interest, much less to publish their findings. Rather, as the Occupying Force made clear, they were only allowed to conduct “research” that served the “correct” side in the global Gender War.”

Ronen continues that “The interesting thing, in my view, is that the Left’s hostility toward Ariel has had the unintended, but unavoidable, consequence of loosening the Left’s grip on the research that is done there, and weakening the Left’s ability to apply its censorship. In fact, non-leftist academicians’ courageous insistence on the establishment of Zionist academic institutes like the Ariel University Center in Judea and Samaria has produced an opportunity for an academic rebellion against the Left’s iron-clad occupation of certain fields of study.  The upcoming conference vividly illustrates this point. To my awareness, the subject of female criminality, and especially female violence against children and men, has yet to be discussed openly and freely in any Western institution of learning in our generation. The conference in Ariel is one of the first conferences that I am aware of in which those in attendance will receive information regarding the politicization of their field, and be encouraged to rid themselves of this yoke.”

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Meanwhile Bar Ilan University Gender Studies is struggling to even itself from its big jump to the left.

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