Liar Liar your pants on fire

With so much going on in the world, it’s quite something to see that the Sarkozy / Obama insults about Netanyahu garnered so much publicity.  Caroline Glick has a good serious take on it here

If it’s been clear for some time that Obama doesn’t have much positive chemistry with Netanyahu, it woundn’t have been helped by a recent poll that more Americans prefer Netanyahu to Obama.  That would not have jollied Obama.  Part of it must be the irritation and envy that Obama, who sees himself as a great orator, would feel when he sees the master speaker, Netanyahu, in action.  In many ways, Netanyahu has emerged as THE preeminent politician to promote Western, democratic values.

Sarkozy may well have thrown in his “liar” comment to deflect Obama’s attention from criticism on France blindsiding USA with its “oui” vote for Palestine at UNESCO – knowing that Obama would be receptive.

It is rather juvenile for Sarkozy to call Netanyahu a liar. In the absence of any specifics, its really just a rather generic term of abuse.  Dare we say hypocritical coming so soon after the French legions foray into Libya .. vee are just protecting the Libyan people .. as they bombed away.

As Netanyahu maintained a dignified silence,  Sarkozy and Obama have scrambled for disaster protection.  It may have just been a coincidence that Dennis Ross chose the following day to stop as Middle East advisor  to Obama.   Maybe that really meant a Lyre!

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