Lebanon mulling rights for Palestinian refugees

It’s only taken 60 years, but finally there are moves in Lebanon to provide a modicum of self-respect and freedom for the predominantly descendants of  1948 refugees languishing in Lebanese refugee camps.  A Lebanese work-colleague of mine who returned from Beirut a few months ago mentioned that the moves were in the air, but it’s good to see them in print.

As this article from the Jerusalem Post  states, Walid Jumblatt, the Lebanese Druse leader who left the pro- Western coalition to join the Syrian camp, has been promoting the idea – which is meeting stiff local resistance.  It’s not as if the refugees are being promised the moon – “They would be given the right to own a place of residence outside refugee camps, to be free to gain employment in whatever field they chose and to enjoy attendant social benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.”  

Surely all the NGO’s, UNRWA and leftists would be pleased to see some rights being provided to these long-suffering individuals, used as political pawns by the Arabs for over 60 years… but don’t hold your breath!

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