Latma does well with Thomas Friedman and the Flotilla

Latma has done an excellent rendition of Thomas Friedman here.

And who can forget Latma’s devastating expose of Gaza Flotilla 1 here .. and the womens flotilla discussion here … here they are in interview.

So Gaza Flotilla 2, once they leave the Greek shores of Ouzo and Spanakopita, can expect to be Latma’d

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2 thoughts on “Latma does well with Thomas Friedman and the Flotilla

  1. Ralph - Bondi June 28, 2011 at 8:17 pm -

    With all the economic turmoil that Greece is going through, I imagine that the last things Greece cares about are the flotilla time-wasters trying to cause trouble to Israel. Hopefully the flotilla boats will develop some engine trouble, although I also like the way administrative snafus are happening. The problem with the flotilla fools is that they actively cause trouble – they encourage Hamas and other anti-Israel groups, limiting the chance for peace, and they divert attention from other more important global issues.