Ki Tetze

The sedra Ki Tetze contains many commandments, some of which were applicable to times gone by, but many of which are especially relevant to today’s society, such as the pursuit of social justice. Outstanding among the latter are those which stress the responsibility of the individual to society and in particular to things which are living. Deuteronomy 22-13………”so shall thou do with every lost thing of thy brothers which he has lost and thou hast found. Thou must not hide thyself.”

Deuteronomy 22-6, which deals with the birds nest….thou shall not take the dam with the young…” is a stand-out in this fantastic sedra because of its emphasis on the spirituality which envelopes such laws.

An important comment on “the stubborn and rebellious son who will not hearken to the voice of his father nor to the voice of his mother” Deuteronomy 21-18, makes us realise that such a son is unlikely to materialise if the mother and father speak with one voice and not separate voices.

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