Just what is the FairFiction subeditor smoking?

You have to laugh at the heading in today’s Sydney Morning Herald article “Accusations fly as Israel and Iran blame each other for attacks”. 

So let’s get this straight – the wife of the Israeli diplomat is injured by a bomb while in a concurrent incident an Iranian trying to throw a bomb gets his legs blown up – and the FairFiction, sic Fairfax,  subeditor chooses in the headline to equate the veracity of the Iranian accusation that Israel injured its own people with the Israeli asertion that Iran or Iranian-supported Hezbollah were responsible.  Really!

While you could cynically say that the paper is trying to lower the credibility of Israel to that of Iran among those who just read headlines or those who need their regular anti-Israel fix, however farcical the link, it seems preferable to attribute the creative heading to something the subeditor was smoking.

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