Jumping the shark

Admitting ignorance, I had not heard the expression “jumping the shark”  but was pleased to learn more from the excellent website “Divest This”.  In instalments one and two,  they reveal the signs that BDS has jumped the shark .. and Australia got an honourable mention! 

As stated in instalment 1 “For the few of you who may have never heard of it before, the phrase “Jump the Shark” emerged from the early days of Internet-delivered culture commentary to describe the moment when you realize your favorite TV show had not just dipped in quality but has run out of gas and will never get better.  The term refers to an episode of Happy Days in which Richie, Ralph Malph, Pottsie and the gang visited Hawaii where The Fonz (the leather-jacketed individual mentioned at the end of the last posting) partook in a surfing contest (I believe while wearing his leather) and averted a shark attack by literally “jumping the shark.”  .. it must be disheartening for the Australian BDSs who are just getting into their strides to learn that in many places they are already yesterday’s news.  The only remaining question is  – Does Greg Norman  know the expression?

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