Jonathon Pollard – a pawn in the Kerry/Obama machinations

One of the most disgraceful episodes in the US / Israel / Jewish interaction has been the extended incarceration of Jonathon Pollard by the US.

Quite apart from the fact that his almost 30 years imprisonment is 3 times as long as anything equivalent,  the saga of his sentencing has all the markings of a US double cross.  This double cross appeared to be chiefly instigated by Caspar Weinberger, as part of his anti-Israel stance contributed to by his animosity at having a Jewish sounding name despite not being Jewish.  However, as in all these things, we don’t really know the full story,  and it may well be a lot more murky and political… including Pollard’s betrayal by an “incompetent” lawyer.

A couple of relevant articles are here and  here

As in all this, Israel should not put its faith in princes,  including American ones.

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