Jerusalem Day – a look at Akeldama, the Jaffa Gate and beyond

The anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem is truly something to commemorate.  Glancing through an old (Nov/Dec 1994) magazine of Bibilical Archeology Review, it featured “Akeldama – Potters Field or Priestly Cemetery”.  Christian tradition held that it was the Field of Blood “dam” pertaining to Judas  however it is also a field of elegant and elegantly decorated Jewish burial caves, including probably one belonging to the High Priest Annas who held office 6-15 CE. A tour of the St Onuphrius Monastery which rests over 2nd Temple burial sites, including that of Annas (Chanan).

An account of Akeldama is here.  One paper using molecular biology to investigate the burial sites

A couple of descriptions of the Jaffa Gate from Kobi Cooper and All about Jerusalem, and now a panoramic tour.

Yaacov Lozowick takes us back to the liberation of Jerusalem, the photo, and a follow-up story

and a 5 minute summary

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