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J Street has emerged as a US political group that seeks to challenge the ability of AIPAC to speak as the prime Jewish Pro-Israel political group.  J Street is very much toeing the Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod line to provide cover for the Obama government to pile stronger criticism and pressure on Israel.  

A current test of wills is whether Michael Oren, the Israel ambassador to the US will accept an invitation to a J-Street conference – currently the answer is NO with the inference being that the Israeli government regards J Street as a negative influence, despite its claim to be pro-Israel.

Here is an article worth reading from Lenny Ben-David that poses some serious questions about what exactly is J Street.  

I see the promotion of J Street as a cynical and calculated attempt by the Obama administration to drive a wedge in Jewish support for Israel in the U.S.  Just one example was when J Street was invited a while back to a Jewish Organisation pow wow with Obama while the long standing Zionist Organisation of America was excluded.

J Street Jive also points out the dubious aspects of J Street, including its disagreement with the Israel viewpoint supporting harsher sanctions on Iran.  J Street uses the mantra “I am pro-Israel” in the same way the former Communist East Germany trumpeted that it was the German Democratic Republic. 

Colette Avital puts out a positive line on J Street which Isi Liebler doesn’t buy in his thoughtful critique that explores how J Street can undermine US support of Israel.

But enough of J Street – how about some saxophone on Baker Street.

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