It’s not personal, we do it to others as well

Some years ago, a Serbian friend complained to me about how the Main Stream Media continued to beat up on Serbia while ignoring Bosnian offences –  during the war situation there at the time.

Even though Israel typically gets “star” billing in Press distortions, it was vaguely comforting for me to realise that Israel is not unique.

This was reinforced when I read that the LA times had published a probably fictitious account of a U.S. bombing during the early phase of the Iraq war that relied on a pro-Iraqi stringer to accuse the U.S. of killing women and children.  The investigation of the press distortion is shown here  I liked one of the comments from a letter writer … 

The LA Times has been practicing this kind of Journalism in the Israel-Palestinian conflict for years, so I was prepared for it when the Iraq war began. Given the reliance on stringers and translators with their own agendas, all news from this region should have a warning label on it (like cigarettes)– WARNING–the quotes and reports from this region are regularly unreliable, often propaganda, and nearly always exaggerated.

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