It was good – Q and A with Sandy Gutman

Sandy Gutman aka Austen Tayshus did well on the recent Q and A highlighting the obsession of Lee Rhiannon and her ilk with Israel. 

Paul McGeough was not very impressive with his stumbling remark that boycotting Israeli hummus somehow contributes to debate.  However we did learn that he is an expert on hyenas. Who else has seen The Lion King?

Christopher Pyne was excellent in the way he dismissed BDS for the bigotry and double standards that it is.

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2 thoughts on “It was good – Q and A with Sandy Gutman

  1. Yes – good on Gutman and Pyne. It was great to watch. Gutman said, Why don’t we boycott Syria? China? North Korea?

    Unfortunately, the poison apple of Arab money continues to affect the Left and the media, and destroy clear thinking in Western universities. Recently Yale closed down its institute for the study of Antisemitism because it upset the Iranians, and some Saudi money sources. Like the Beatles said, “Give me money – that’s what I want”. What a shame that the West betrays its soul for this money. What a shame that in Holland Geert Wilders is on trial for his right to speak up against Islamisation and its threats. He could be jailed for his free speech. And am I the only one who is sickened by the sight of the Al Jazeera logo on the corner of my TV news screen on SBS (and I think the ABC)? Whose news are we getting? We only see what the jihadists want us to see. Lucky for the internet. On the other hand, we have not had proper TV news coverage for years, so perhaps it’s more honest just to stick the Al Jazeera logo over the Wahhabi news we have been given by our Western journalists anyway. Did anyone else notice the journalist (not AJ) who compared the Syrian boy killed to poor Mumamad Durra of the intifada fame? Shame about the fake death of the latter. This writer rang SBS to tell them about the France Channel Four admission in court that the death had been faked by a Palestinian camera man in Pallywood (Ramallah). I said, if that was the comparison, then maybe the Syrian boy had been fake killed as well? Anything’s possible.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Adele, including highlighting the shameful closing of the Yale Centre for the Study of Antisemitism. I wonder if and when Yale will change the Hebrew words on their emblem – Urim and Thummim.