Israel’s PR challenges

Ted Belman provides a good overview of Israel‘s PR struggle here.

He notes “there is a coalition of forces including antisemites, leftists and Islamists, who are dedicated to Israel’s destruction. They couldn’t care less about truth and justice, so a better PR campaign would be irrelevant. Then there is the mainstream media that presents news to support their agenda rather than the truth. The fact that they suppressed the flotilla videos, which made Israel’s case better than a thousand words could have, is testimony to this fact. They have constructed a narrative in support of their agenda and any facts that are not in keeping with it, are ignored.”

He also adds that “Governments lead by the US also construct a narrative depending on their agenda and they don’t let truth and justice get in the way.”

Belman provides good examples of how this manifests in “appeasement” not “peace”, and how the Obama administration has similarly been using events to pressure Israel.

But Belman argues that the pursuit of self interest by the US is assured greater success with Israel as a strong ally rather than without her.

And he concludes “This is not to say that Israel should cease its PR efforts. She shouldn’t. She should continue to provide her friends with the truth so that they maintain their friendship lest they be infected as well. Notwithstanding all the demonization she is subjected to and the realpolitik, she has managed to keep the goodwill of the American people and others who value truth and justice. Ultimately, this is her trump card.”

Similarly we in Australia and elsewhere need to shine a light on any mainstream media suppression of facts that are not in keeping with their anti-Israel agenda-driven narrative. 






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