Israel’s critical security needs

Col (Retired) Richard Kemp’s advice to Israel is 1. promptly conduct and release your own inquiry findings into the Gaza Flotilla episode, and don’t be  pressured to involve other nations in the inquiry;   and 2. don’t rely on NATO for any security issues. 

Kemp, the former commander of the British forces in Afganistan, and a clear-sighted friend of Israel, was speaking  at a conference devoted to “Israel’s Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace”  The proceedings are reproduced here and make important reading.  The site also has an excellent video summary of “what is Israel’s defensible borders”.

One paper by Dan Diker compares the 2 approaches of Diplomacy-based Security versus Security-based Diplomacy.  This is an important distinction, and the latter approach is the one that Israel has to take.  Fortunately, Netanyahu “gets it” and it is vital that he is able to resist external pressures. 

A positive outcome of the flotilla episode is that it has clarified the regional and international opposition that Israel and its supporters are up against,  as well as highlighting security issues including the need for Israeli self-reliance.  While more work is needed, Israel has also done a lot better to present its case than previously.  Tzipi Livni’s standing squarely with the government has been a welcome sign of unity.

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