Israeli production Glows

Glow is a brilliant live production that is showing at the Sydney Opera House over the next few days.  Glow is truly remarkable,  and a testament to wonderful Israeli creativity.

The show was created and developed by Lior Kalfo; a promo is here. 

As the promo says, “it is a combination of theater and cinema, a performance of animation on stage, a show that combines the language of comics with the language of Matrix…. The show is an interactive experience introducing funny characters, a rich world of imagination and of fun, rhythmic music and many spectacular costumes.  80 minutes of well timed and accurate bits with effects, music and acting – a product of months of rehearsal and great skill among the participants. The show presents a magical world filled with effects.  It is presenting new viewing angles, contradicting all of the traditional rules of theater gravity.”    

Go to Glow.

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