Israel needing to stand firm

The recent verbal attack by Obama on Israel, together with the accusatory British behaviour, has certainly put increased pressure on Netanyahu and his government.  However, the government has to doubly ensure that its decisions are in Israel’s best interests, not those of the U.S.A.

It is by no means the first time that Israel has had to stand tall diplomatically – Ariel Sharon famously warned Bush that Israel was not prepared to play the 1938 role of Czechoslovakia.

Yet, Israel has often seemed too self-effacing in its dealings with other countries – the apologetic behaviour towards Turkey is one example.

Marla Braverman in her recent article in Azure, entitled A State in need of a spine provides an excellent overview of Israel’s often meek approach, and cautions as to its dangers.  In contrast to the  “spineless” examples,  she praises the time when “Former prime minister Menachem Begin faced just such a challenge in 1982, when American president Ronald Reagan suspended his country’s strategic cooperation agreement with Israel after the Jewish state applied its law to the Golan Heights, a territory it captured from Syria in the Six Day War. This punitive measure prompted Begin to cancel the agreement altogether and respond in anger, “Are we a vassal state of yours? Are we a banana republic? Are we fourteen-year-olds who, if we misbehave, get our wrists slapped?”

Undoubtably, Israel’s leaders are also very much factoring Iran into the equation;  and as Greg Sheridan recently pointed out in the Australian, the diplomatic Obama attack on Israel may have been an attempt to prevent Israel from attacking Iran when Obama shows strong signs of accepting Iran’s push to nuclear capability.

One useful and detailed website we have linked to on the right is entitled Think Israel

Also, here is a relevant article by Caroline Glick seeing the bright side of Obama’s anti-Israel stance..thanks Ruth for your pointing this out.

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2 thoughts on “Israel needing to stand firm

  1. There’s a great article by Caroline Glick called “Israel should get off its knees”, which analyses Obama’s anti-Israel moves, and finds the silver lining to this cloud.

  2. Thanks for your note, Ruth, and your reference to Caroline Glick’s excellent article. Glick has the ability to see situations through fresh eyes.

    I like her line that “this dismal state of affairs has a bright side. It
    provides Israel with a rare opportunity to stop acceding to US policies that are bad for Israel and the US alike. After all, if the US is willing to
    instigate a crisis in its relations with Israel over plans to zone for
    housing units in Jerusalem neighborhoods like Ramat Shlomo and French Hill, then clearly Israel can do no right. And if Israel can do no right in the
    eyes of the administration, then there is no point in bending to its will.
    Instead, Israel must simply do what it must to secure its interests.”

    .. and then Glick provides examples of the ways Israel can secure its interests. I have added a link to Glick’s article in the original one.