Israel-Jewish American interaction through different lenses

Peter Beinart recently wrote an article in the New York Review of Books entitled The failure of the American Jewish Establishment . 

It has aroused interest and the usual handwringing.   

James Kirchik in Foreign Policy disputes Beinart’s findings, with the lead in line of “Peter Beinart misdiagnoses the root causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict and misunderstands American Jews’ relationship with Israel.”

What is different about Beinart’s article from many polemics is that Beinart derives many of his implications from data from a survey. .. In turn this allows Kirchik to critique the strengths and weaknesses of the data…  Kirchik brings up some important points –  such as “Most telling about Beinart’s essay is what’s missing. Like many liberal observers of the conflict, Beinart portrays Israelis as the sole drivers of history, with the Arabs relegated to the role of passive, background characters.”

Shmuel Rosner also comments on the Beinert article.

The “to and fro” is well worth reading, and you end up feeling quite optimistic, thank you.

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