Israel brings Gilad home

A wonderful moment for Israel; Gilad Shalit has been brought home to his family and his people.

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Gilad did remarkably well in the extremely difficult circumstances of his “set up” Egyptian interview.   There will no doubt be much discussion of all the political and ethical ramifications of the prisoner exchange, but Gilad’s return speaks volumes for Israel’s determination to save the foot-soldiers of its people’s army.

We should be very proud.. locally there was a great turn out for “welcome home Gilad” community events in Sydney and Melbourne.

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2 thoughts on “Israel brings Gilad home

  1. Melanie Phillips has a good article on the Egyptian “interview” of Shalit titled: “Journalism? No, cruelty and propaganda.”. I also thought it was a horrible harrassment by an enemy journalist, while still on dangerous ground. Phillips notes the deliberately incorrect translation of Shalit’s responses by the BBC interpreter, and she has evidence of a masked Hamas man standing behind Shalit while he speaks.

  2. A sour note was sounded by the editor of Ha’aretz on Lateline, who, responding to the question ‘do you think this exchange will affect the peace process’, said No. Not with Netanyahu taking such a hard line, and also Abbas isn’t exactly soft. For Ha’aretz the main fault is with Netanyahu. Only after that does he blame Abbas. With such a view, who needs enemies? Petty local Israeli politics always come before reality with Ha’aretz. And they’re happy to share this enlightenment with non-Jews around the world.