Israel and the right and left

Allan Goldstein recently wrote a thoughtful article here   exploring the truism that Israel receives support from the right, but lacks support from the Left – despite the more natural things in common Israel has with liberal values.  He concludes that we need to keep the right’s support but work harder at engaging the left, rather than giving up with them.

While Jews should continue to strive to encourage the left to support Israel, it should also be in the self-interest of left-liberals to support Israel, because in turn many Jews would become more engaged in supporting left-liberal causes.

Those of us who have little interest in emotionally supporting the ABC because of its perceived anti-Israel bias,  or the Sydney Morning Herald, or the Red Cross or Human Rights Watch or Oxfam etc,  could provide a lot more strength to these organisations if engaged.  Instead the hypocrisy and double-standards shown by anti-Israel left-liberals, gays and feminists leaves them short of receiving valuable emotional support from Jews.  Who knows when or whether they will realise it.

Speaking of support from the left, who were some left footers? Puskas  Rivellino

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