Iran’s brave students ignored by the Western cognescenti

David Burchell in the Australian has written an excellent expose here on the deafening silence from the left regarding the Iranian student protesters.

Burchell’s article begins “It is surely one of the great paradoxes of this age that while many of our cleverest minds have fallen headlong in love with peoples whose causes are more or less entirely alien to us, we can find no stirring in our hearts for peoples whose greatest hope is to become . . . well, more like us.

“Thus we artlessly dispatched our hearts on a sentimental journey to Gaza designed for our benefit by the canny Islamists in Ankara and their bloodstained allies in Gaza; people who, in any other context, would treat our Western soft-heartedness and woolly-mindedness with undisguised contempt.”

“And yet our hearts have no space whatever for the thousands of young Iranian students who, on Saturday, defied the threats of their government, the beatings of the extra-legal militias, and the pusillanimity of their erstwhile leaders, merely to ask for the right to have their votes treated with dignity, rather than being fabricated out of some dodgy Russian software in Iran’s Ministry of the Interior.”

… Burchell calls it a “paradox”.  Instead it is very revealing of a state of moral bankruptcy that is dangerous for our Western traditions.

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