Iranian planes collide during display, but concern deepens

According to defence news Iran’s sole AWACS (Airborne warning and control system) plane collided with an escort plane during a military parade designed to emphasise Iran’s military strength.  Eye witnesses reported that the flaming planes landed on the mausoleum burial site of the Islamic revolution’s founder Khomeini, a national shrine.   Can one read significance into that? 

Meanwhile allied to recent Iranian missile testing, the announcement of the previously undisclosed Iranian site for nuclear development is finally triggering some serious alarms, although Russia is urging restraint and Obama’s recent move to scrap missile defences in Europe does not inspire confidence.  The 3 D’s – dither, discussion and delay – a sad summary of the Western response to the Iranian threat.

At the UN Security Council, Obama did pass a resolution regarding Nuclear non-proliferation. Although there are some potentially positive implications, the moves put some pressure on Israel’s current position of “nuclear ambiguity”.

Can one hope that Hillary Clinton’s statements about the recent Iranian missile testing will actually mean something.

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