Iran, Obama and New Year Greetings

The economy and Iran are regarded by Benjamin Netanyahu as major issues for the new government to deal with, with Netanyahu’s economic expertise  (Treasury) and Ehud Barak (Defence) focusing on Iran and defence, now that Barak and Labor have completed agreement to join the government coalition as reported in Haaretz and Jerusalem Post.

With that in mind, the links between the new Obama government and Iran are of particular importance – and it is intriguing to try to understand the undercurrent behind the recent video greetings by President Obama to the Iranian people for Nowruz, marking the beginning of Spring and the New Year. 

Not to be outdone, Israel President Shimon Peres delivered a more hardhitting Nowruz address directly to the Iranian people.

A comprehensive geopolitical analysis of Iran’s view of Obama is provided by George Friedman from the Statfor site The article suggests possible motives behind some of Iran’s manoevering in the Middle East.

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