In Conversation with Natan Sharansky



Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency will be a guest of the ZFA, ZCNSW and UIA.

Sharansky was born in the Soviet Union to a Jewish family in 1948. He was a chess prodigy who graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics from Moscow. Sharanksy was one of the foremost dissidents and spokesman for Soviet Jewry. Arrested in 1977 he spent years in the notorious prison camp in the Siberian gulag. He arrived in Israel in 1986 and was greeted by then Prime Minister Shimon Peres. He is one of the most famous Soviet refusniks, an Israeli politician, author and human rights activist.

We look forward to hearing a night ‘in conversation’ with Natan Sharansky as he talks about his history, Israel and human rights activism.

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