Ibrahim Qashoush in Syria

Amid the violence and killing that is taking place in Syria,  here is a very powerful crowd chanting led by Ibrahim Qashoush.  Even without understanding a word of Arabic, it captures the atmosphere of the protesting crowd.  As this article from ynet states, “Equipped with a megaphone, Qashoush started singing in front of hundreds of thousands of demonstrators during the mass protest last Friday, titled “be gone,” in reference to the beleaguered Syrian president. “Common, get lost, ya Bashar,” Qashoush chanted, “Take your brother Maher with you and take off!” “Your legitimacy has vanished, Bashar the liar, you make a speech when liberty is already knocking at the door, yallah! Bashar, be gone,” he sang, as the crowds cheered on.”

But tragically, Qashoush was abducted from his work soon after, and was killed, presumably by pro-Assad forces.

Meanwhile continuing the focus on Syria, an interesting article reports that Khaled Meshal, the Hamas leader in Damascus, has lost a lot of points with the Arab street, by throwing his hand in support of Assad. See here the article from a Saudi columnist in which he says “Even reports on the [inter-Palestinian] reconciliation no longer [interest] the Arab viewer. According to certain TV channels, some Syrian protesters even called to expel Hamas from Syria, [after it] supported the Syrian regime against the protesters and the Syrian people. This is something that Khaled Mash’al and his supporters did not anticipate would befall [them]. In the past decade, many Palestinian [flaws] have been exposed, for instance [the fact] that the [Palestinian] cause has become a tool for bargaining, making profits, exerting pressures, and [gaining] influence. This has turned Hamas into part of the Iranian axis at the expense of the Arabs, who struggled alongside the Palestinians, whereas Iran never fired a single bullet at any Israeli target.  “That is one of many [flaws]. The [flaw] most recently [exposed] is that the Syrian regime is more important to Hamas than the Syrian people… The Syrians sought supporters after they sheltered Hamas in their homeland… but [Hamas] immediately turned into the Syrians’ enemy, supporting every step taken by the [Syrian] regime.”

Hezbollah (and Iran) has also lost points by their support of the Assad regime, against the protesters in the street.  And as this account indicates of the mood and reality in various Syrian areas, Assad is looking increasingly likely to fall.

(The gallant floatilla/flytilla crew won’t go anywhere near there to help Syrian protesters, will they).

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