Ian (Iggy) Gray in Memorium

The last few days have been very sad ones in the Australian general and Jewish soccer world, since the tragic death of Ian (Iggy) Gray. 

Iggy starred at all levels of Australian soccer, including in the national team.  Here are summaries of his career here and here.

After retiring from this top level, he played a major role stimulating young and not-so-young players at Maccabi in Sydney to strive for their best… including to represent Australia in Maccabiah competitions in Israel. 

Among the many words used to describe him were ..  integrity, dedication to soccer, fitness and fair play, loyalty to his friends, highly developed sense of community, humour, leadership qualities, one of the best,  that one would be proud to have had the privilege of knowing.

Best wishes and condolences to his family and the many friends he inspired on and off the field.

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