Hypocrite award

Omar Barghouti, leading exponent of the BDS campaign while simultaneously obtaining a PhD in Tel Aviv, must have been odds on favourite to win the Engage “Hypocrite of the Month” March Award.. have to check whether he won.  He must also have been a strong contender for a Chutzpadik award, although it’s a competitive field, and June and July would have brought new contenders. 

Barghouti’s sheer Chutzpah is quite remarkable.  When asked how he can write the book about BDS, but still take advantage of all Israel has to offer,  Barghouti replies with words to the effect that his personal choices should be left out of it.  Really!!

Quite symbolic about the whole BDS movement. 

Richard Millett expresses the hypocrisy quite well with the depiction of Barghouti as The non-boycotting Israel boycotter!  

Meanwhile, it’s reassuring to see that the failed flytilla is receiving less than the minimal publicity it deserves.  Israel was well prepared and did well.

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