Hummus wars – Hummus rules

You may have followed the great politico-culinary drama last October when 300 Lebanese chefs claimed the title of the largest serving of hummus (2 tons) in the Guinness Book of Records. 

Mazaltov! The more they focus on cooking and eating the better.  Petulantly, the Lebanese Chefs combined the festivities with a broadside against Israel for supposedly usurping their original and spiritual claim to Hummus.  But as the Hummus Blog stated “This alleged ‘hummus war’ is certainly one of the nicest wars we have in the region. Let’s hope all our future wars will be of the same kind.”

Well! (said in a breathless voice), Arutz Sheva has revealed that Arab Israelis have moved to the front lines in the “hummus” war.  They are planning to prepare as ammunition a four-ton dish of the chick pea dip in a battle to wrest from Lebanon the title of the World’s Largest Serving of Hummus.  Arabs from Abu Ghosh, a town famous for its hummus located several miles from Jerusalem off the main highway to Tel Aviv, are planning to dish out the hummus weapon shortly.

The Abu Ghosh Restaurant (pictured) is one of the restaurants well known for its high standard Hummus, as is Abu Shukri.   

Abu Ghosh is a great place to visit in Israel, and is well known for its excellent restaurants and places to wander. 

The history of Abu Ghosh is worth reading about. During the 1948 war, of the 36 Arab villages nestled in these hills close to Jerusalem, Abu Ghosh alone remained neutral, and in many cases provided friendly to Israel and helped keep the supply road to Jerusalem open (more on Abu Ghosh, in particular music and football on the next blog item).

Time for a Hummus Rap courtesy of the Hummus Blog!

Here in Sydney, I personally recommend Pita Mix but you may have your favourite on Cleveland Street or elsewhere.

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