Howard Jacobson on the Obama speech, and ashamed Jews

Howard Jacobson was a featured speaker at the recent Sydney Writers Festival.  Here he in on Q and A.  He did quite a good job  here at 28.10 minutes regarding Israel… the panel was complete with an ashamed Jew.

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One thought on “Howard Jacobson on the Obama speech, and ashamed Jews

  1. Jacobson says the settlements are ‘vile’. Why is this? Is this because they are built “illegally on Palestinian land”? But this is a fiction, often repeated, but that does not make it a fact. The settlements are certainly not the cause of the lack of peace in the Middle East, although they are often described as such. Suburbs of Jerusalem are sometimes described as settlements. Gush Etzion was settled before 1948. “A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth”, said Lenin.