How low can Loewenstein go?

The anti-Israel brigade seem to be scraping the barrel these days with which Jews they can trot out to support their “cause”… what with former darlings, Norman Finklestein labelling BDS a cult,  and Noam Chomsky calling them hypocrities.

So in Oz, after the flimsy Anna Balser (wood),  we are soon to be treated to the paper thin arguments of Ilan Pappe.

Not wanting to be totally yesterday’s hero, our local boy Loewenstein, who has been touting the “one-state solution”, is quoted here as saying in a reponse to a question from Jonathan Hoffman that he would accept a price of 6 million deaths to achieve his one-state solution!  Now isn’t that just something.

It’s worth repeating what Jonathan Hoffman wrote in his Jewish Chroncile Online blog

“How many have to die to achieve “One State”? ”

“That’s the question I always ask advocates of ‘One State’ – meaning the antisemitic act of eliminating Israel as a Jewish State, the one Jewish State alongside 57 Muslim States.

I ask it because the vast majority of Israelis – Jews and Arabs – do not want ‘One State’ under any circumstances, so it could only be achieved by force.

I asked it of Antony Loewenstein tonight at SOAS. Loewenstein (“As an atheist non-practising Jew”) has co-edited a book advocating “One State”.

Of course the ‘One State’ antisemites can never answer my question. Loewenstein at first tried to turn the tables on me by asking me a question. But I pressed him. Was it one million? Two million?

“Six million” came back the answer with a smirk. How utterly despicable – and from a man who then said – without a hint of irony – “I have spent my life fighting antisemitism”! (He also said that Iran is no threat to Israel!).

Thank heaven that Israel haters like Loewenstein have made no headway whatsoever in Australia – where there is strong bipartisan support for Israel.”

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