Hillary Clinton speaking to AIPAC

The text of the speech HIllary Clinton gave to AIPAC is shown here

Analysis of the speech is from David Horowitz and context from Hilary Krieger  Krieger noted that “Clinton’s message on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was received politely if not enthusiastically by most of the 7,500 or so AIPAC activists at her Monday morning speech. Despite the recent tensions, there was no obvious booing or other voicing of disapproval, and several of her comments on the subject received some applause.”

More tellingly, she noted  that “Clinton was preceded by AIPAC Executive Director Howard Kohr, who received a standing ovation himself when he declared, “Jerusalem is not a settlement.”   He also pushed back against what he called “the reductionist view that the relationship between the United States and Israel rests on resolving the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.”  He called the notion “specious and insidious,” as well as dangerous, and continued, “we must refute it.” 

Kohr also called for the US and Israel to move past their recent row.

“It is time to reduce the tension, time to set aside the past week and pledge to work to solve problems together,” he said.

As friends, if Clinton can “tell the truth” to Israel,  Israel can also “tell the truth” to Clinton.  Israel (as will the U.S.) will ultimately still need to do what is in its own perceived best interests.  If a goal of the U.S. is to restart talks, Clinton/Obamas hyperbolic criticism of Israel over Ramat Shlomo was probably counterproductive

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