Hava Narima – Chanukah in song

A favourite song of Chanukah is Hava Narima – the Hebrew sung to Handel’s See the Conquering Hero Comes

Here is an attractive version with dance as well as song.

and from Handel’s Judas Maccabeus

And back to Hava Narima – with my father reminding me of the English translation:

Hava Narima, Nes ve avukar  – Lets’ lift up the banner and torch

Yachad Po Nashira, Shir Hachanukah  – Together here we sing, a song of Chanukah

Maccabim Anachnu Diglainu Ram Nachon   – We are Maccabees, our flag proud and upright

Bayevanim nilchamnu  – With the Greeks we fought

Belanu nitzachon  – And we were victorious.

A reminder of the Jewish nation, with its own Hebrew language – from ancient to modern days.

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