Happy Holidays and New Year

I enjoy the Christmas spirit where I work, the decorations, the presents, the chocolates, the general positive feeling and winding down.  I love Australia and fully accept that Christianity is the predominant religion here and that the public holidays reflect that fact. 

It’s also a great feeling to be in Israel over Chanukah or other Jewish festivals and experience the unique feeling of being in the one country where Judaism is the predominant religion and the holidays reflect that.

Here is a site that allows you to ponder the number of countries where the various religions are predominant.

Have a look!  A very interesting site ..  the Muslims and Christians of course far outstrip the pack; a long way down the list, there are the Jews with tiny Israel…  an object of much obsession… “Israel a cupfull of water amid a swimming pool of other religions and countries.”

I don’t know whether it’s something to be proud of, but the closest sounding religion to Jews is  Juche – as the site says “Little known outside of North Korea, Juche is the national philosophy and religion created and run by the North Korean government. By law, all North Koreans are adherents of Juche. Nearly all citizens regularly participate in Juche meetings, celebrations, education, etc.”  Hmm. 

So Happy New Year in many languages including Hebrew, Arabic and Swahili.  Our blog is having a break for a couple of weeks; hopefully Australia will clean up the Ashes.

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