Haiti, Pakistan and Israel

When it would seem nothing could get worse in Haiti,  it indeed did.  First the widespread poverty,  then the tragic earthquake, then the recent hurricane,  and NOW cholera.  Driving home from work today, the ABC report from Mark Colvin here encapsulated the extent of the current tragedy – 800 deaths from cholera so far.

As the relief organisations do their best to help cope with a horrendous situation,  it is comforting to know that Israel, which did a wonderful job in January after the earthquake,  continues to play a major positive role.

As a side line, a positive story in the Jerusalem Post highlighted Israel’s medical expertise in helping the badly injured former dance king of Haiti, a country that loves its dance.

Other poor countries, including many in Africa, must greatly appreciate the efforts, quiet and without fanfare, that  Israel has made to assist them.

A tragic contrast is with Pakistan, still devastated after the recent floods, in addition to all its other problems.  As was revealed in Phillip Adams late night live of 11th November, in an interview with Mustafa Qadri,  the world’s attention has moved on from the ongoing trauma to 20 million Pakistani people.  It went unsaid, but the inability of the oil-rich Muslim countries to help their fellow Muslim country of Pakistan is very telling. Sad about Pakistan.  It might help them if they improved their relations with Israel.  Maybe they should listen to the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat, who recently disclosed that Islam is Zionist.

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