Green Byrne

The NSW Greens have dusted off their “we love the planet” feel-good election placards for Sydney drivers.  Haven’t noticed too many “we love BDS” signs,  but let’s face it, their slip is well and truly showing.

A couple of useful articles – one from Anthony Frosh in Galus Australis, which includes some good discussion, and a link to a review about the Greens from Philip Mendes.    Here is an article from Gerard Henderson about the “election” Greens where he states that “Any Liberal voter would be crazy not to preference Labor ahead of the Greens in Marrickville and Balmain. There are Greens who are primarily environmentalists – like Senator Bob Brown and Senator Christine Milne. And then there are hard-left Greens – like Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon, who graduated from the Communist Party to the Greens. Byrne and Parker are close to the hard-left Greens camp.”

.. a Ben Fordham 2GB interview with the Marrickville Mayor, Fiona Byrne. .. and one referring to her role in Marrickville.  Also a link to a good response by Professor Stephen Plaut to AntiZionists… and a Mardi Gras sign on Oxford Street posing the question “Do the NSW Greens hate Gays”

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2 thoughts on “Green Byrne

  1. Julian - Newtown March 7, 2011 at 10:56 pm -

    I love the Ben Fordham interview with Fiona Byrne;

    Q – “was there any petition put to Council”
    A – “I couldn’t tell you .. I’m sure we could have a look”

    Q – “and you get involved to back one side”
    A – “I disagree with you that we are backing one side”

    … followed by a roll of Green Eyes …

  2. Triba Abulafia March 17, 2011 at 2:00 pm -

    I live in marrickville and support the boycott. Israel is a rogue state and as soon as the USA stops their support for Israel it will be swallowed up.