Gaza Flotilla and Al-Dura redux

It was pleasing to see 2 letters published in the Sydney Morning Herald (Dec 27,28) in response to the recent Paul McGeough Good Weekend Article.

“There was a serious inaccuracy in Good Weekend’s article on the Gaza Flotilla; it claimed that Mohammed Al-Dura, 12, who has become a Palestinian icon, was killed by Israeli forces in 2000.  A ballistic expert testified in a French court that it was impossible for that to have occurred, given where Al-Dura was sheltering, and aruged tha tthe event was staged.  In June this year, the BBC apologised for making the same allegation and for a “breach of standards in relation to accuracy”.  It is important to correct the record.” Vic Alhadeff

“Paul McGeough can romanticise the Gaza flotilla movement all he likes, but the fact remains that there would be no blockade if Hamas would accept the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish sovereign state in the region.  In its constitution, Hamas unashamedly calls for Israel’s destruction and the eradication of its Jewish inhabitants, and Israel retaliated only as a last resort.”  Alan Freedman

Philip Karsenty has played a major role in pursuing the truth of the Al-Dura case, which he calls a hoax, a fabrication and blood libel against Israel.

Here is a lively roundtable discussion featuring Karsenty.

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