From the Flubatilla to the Outraged Protest Tour

Daniel Greenfield in the Sultan Knish blog can always be relied on to have a fresh take on things.  But he outdoes himself in his recent column here on the Outraged Protest Tour.

He provides 3 options for Leftists who hate Israel:

The Rachel Corrie

The Alice Walker and

The Edward Said

For the start of the respective tours, it is useful to note that for the Rachel Corrie – “Take off from San Francisco International Airport in a remodeled Tupolev Tu-114 aircraft that smells like gasoline and cow manure. As your body tries to decide whether it should pass out from the fumes or throw up from the turbulence, you will relish knowing that you have left behind your comfortable life and are experiencing the agony of being in the Third World. Your ticket price of 3000 dollars will be a small price to pay for the insights from this experience that you will be able to share on Tumblr.”

For the Alice Walker “You leave on a boat from somewhere. Probably Mexico. Maybe Turkey. It’s still too early to tell. The boat will not be very good. It will lack a toilet. You will have to use a bucket. Occasionally you will also have to row. If the boat springs a leak, you will also have to use the bucket to bail. (Bucket is complimentary, additional buckets are $49.95)  On this cruise ($12,000) you will rub shoulders with mildly famous authors like Alice Walker and Henning Mankell, and fight with them over bucket privileges. If you are not abducted by Somali pirates, you should be approaching the coast of Gaza in 6-8 weeks. Possibly more if you took a wrong turn around Australia or Atlantis.”

(wow Australia gets a mention .. and he also helpfully points out that “On the ground, you will begin with a tour of Israeli left-wing NGO’s who will ask you to help fund their work of bringing down the Zionist state, ($2,500,000) and then driven to help local Arab Muslims bring in the olive harvest. Their olives are located on an Israeli farmer’s land. You will be encouraged to help vandalize his farm equipment and vineyards. Eventually you will discover there are no actual olives. But symbolic olives will be provided ($4.00 each) to hold up.”)

whereas for the Edwards Said “The first class fight ($40,000) arrives on schedule, after a brief hijacking. As befitting your intellectual stature, the hijackers allow you to draw up their political program for them.”

.. well worth reading, including the letter writers added suggestions.

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