From Iran to Honduras

The response of the Obama administration to upheavals in different countries, provides insight into how President Obama is and will respond to Israel.

It is disappointing to see, therefore, that President Obama has joined Venezuela’s Chavez in supporting President Zelaya against his ousting, despite the fact that the leftist Zelaya was acting against the wishes of the Honduran Supreme Court and the Honduran parliament in pushing for a referendum to provide him with increased powers. While Honduras is physically distant from Israel and Australia, the lessons are important, and raise concern regarding the Obama administration’s responses. 

To understand more about the June coup in Honduras and its meaning, here is an article and expert talking on the situation in Honduras.   Luis Fleischman states that the significance of the referendum was to change the country from a representative democracy to a participatory democracy, where “participatory democracy means that the people vote to give full powers to the president to carry out the will of the majority.  Thus, participatory democracy is only the act of voting.  After that there is no more participation because participation is embedded in the will of the president.  In fact, there is not even a need for debate, or discussion.  In other words, this is a dictatorship legitimized by popular vote, a form of tyranny.” Mike Waller also states that Obama’s position represents a commitment to power rather than democracy and the will of the people.

Where there is a country, there are Jews, as is the case for Honduras albeit a small community centred in the capital city, Tegucigalpa.  The photo shows a Jewish Sunday School Class in Honduras.

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One thought on “From Iran to Honduras

  1. Michael - Boston July 4, 2009 at 9:34 pm -

    After Obama left the Iranian people to stew, it doesn’t surprise me that Obama is more likely to support a leader against the popular people in Honduras. Obama and Chavez – buddies. Oh Boy.