Fouad Ajami Interview provides an excellent political perspective

An excellent interview by Frank Gaffney with Fouad Ajami can be found here where Ajami analyzes Obama’s stance in Afganistan, moves to Lebanon and then concludes with a discussion of Israel and Iran.  

The interview is gloomingly consistent with Gaffney’s initial description of what he sees as the 9 words of the Obama doctrine: diminish the country, undermine our allies, embolden our enemies.   

Ajami, who is Professor and Director of Middle East Studies at The Johns Hopkins University, feels that Obama has a great self belief in his ability to charm people out of their basic beliefs, but in reality Obama is removing the protective U.S. umbrella.  Also, Israel is the litmus test of how people see the world, and Obama has returned to the false idea of linkage between Israel and the Palestinians and how the U.S. is seen by the Muslim / Arab world.

With the withdrawal of the U.S. Ajami states that Iran in now becoming the power of the Mediterranean, not just the Persian gulf.  He predicts that things will come to a moment of reckoning; and currently Obama is showing a preparedness to live with a nuclear Iran. 

Ajami agrees with the sentiment that at this moment it is better to be an enemy than a friend of Obama, and while George Bush was committed to freedom (as evidenced by the Cedar revolution in Lebanon), Obama is prepared to “sup with the dictators.”

The interview is related to a recent article by Fouad Ajami in the Wall Street Journal… where he states “America’s enemies are increasingly brazen, its friends unnerved. Witness the hapless Lebanese, once wards of U.S. power, now making pilgrimages, one leader at a time, to Damascus. They, too, can read the wind: If Washington is out to “engage” that terrible lot in Syria, they better scurry there to secure reasonable terms of surrender. The shadow of American power is receding; the rogues are emboldened.”

Charles Krauthammer also pours cold water on what was achieved at the recent nuclear meeting in Washington.. and bemoans that discussion on Iran was not centre stage.  As he states “So what was the major breakthrough announced by Obama at the end of the two-day conference? That Ukraine, Chile, Mexico and Canada will be getting rid of various amounts of enriched uranium.  What a relief. I don’t know about you, but I lie awake nights worrying about Canadian uranium. I know these people. I grew up there. You have no idea what they’re capable of doing. If Sidney Crosby hadn’t scored that goal to win the Olympic gold medal, there’s no telling what might have ensued.  Let us stipulate that sequestering nuclear material is a good thing. But, it is a minor thing, particularly when Iran is off the table, and Pakistan is creating new plutonium for every ounce of Canadian uranium shipped to the U.S.”

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