Former Kennedy seat goes to a Republican – a setback to the Obama Agenda

With Massachusetts very much a traditional democratic state, it was a shock for the Democrats locally and nationally, that a republican won the seat previously held by Teddy Kennedy for 50 years before his recent death.  Although the local Democrat contender, Martha Coakley, campaigned poorly, the victory for Scott Brown is widely seen as a significant negative vote for Obama, and a dissatisfaction with the way the country is heading under his leadership. 

While health care was the primary focus for the Republican,  the impact of  the victory will extend to other issues both domestic and international.  Hence, the Israeli government and other countries will be following the fallout with interest.  Increased pressure on Israel, if it is unpopular, will clearly be less attractive to Democrat politicians concerned about retaining their seat in elections later in 2010.  The Obama mandate is also losing its lustre.

Politico, a US political website which we link to on the right, has a couple of relevant articles about the fallout – here and here.

And for a spoof on the shock-horror, here is a clever dubbing.

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