Everybody should know .. but

Melanie Phillips has written an excellent critique of the recent Obama administration trial balloon suggesting that the U.S. might impose a Middle East settlement,  based on what “everybody knows” 

In her article entitled Everybody Knows Phillips remarks that

“Apparently, everyone knows what such a ‘peace deal’ would look like.  Well if everyone knows, why hasn’t it been achieved?  Apparently it’s much like the agreement that was nearly reached at Camp David in 2000 and in subsequent negotiations. Ah yes, ‘nearly’. Only problem was the Palestinians wouldn’t have it, even though it offered them more than 90 per cent of the disputed territories and half of Jerusalem. Why didn’t they accept it? Because they wanted more. Everyone who has read the history knows what a peace deal would look like because it was offered in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1960s and 2000; only problem is that the Arabs rejected it.  The Palestinians ‘know’ what a peace deal that they would agree to would look like. It would consist of peace without Israel existing at all. They’ve said so many times. For some inexplicable reason, not everyone in the Obama administration ‘knows’ this fact. Indeed, none of them seems to. Or if they do, they’re not telling us.”

Phillips then exposes the hollowness of the contrary view that “everyone knows that the way to stop the Palestinian problem festering – a problem which festers solely because of the refusal of the Palestinians to abjure for ever their existential war against the state of Israel, or even currently to negotiate with Israel – is not to force the Palestinians thus to abjure their belligerency or to negotiate but to force Israel instead to make it easier for them to attack and destroy it.”

This article builds on a prescient one from Phillips one year ago.

In an earlier blog item we noted the topical relevance of the Leonard Cohen line that “There’s a war between the ones who say there’s a war and the ones who say there isn’t’.”  

Everybody knows

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