Every street tells a story – Druyanov

Currently renting a Tel Aviv apartment near Dizingoff on the corner of Druyanov and Luria  … made me interested in the name Druyanov, especially when I saw his headstone in the nearby Trumpeldor cemetery.  A knowledgable fellow cemetery visitor intriguingly said that Druyanov (1870-1938) was known for his witty writing, so I looked him up on the internet.  Indeed, he is remembered for a 3-volume anthology of Jewish humour.

A few choice excerpts from the article

One on the similarity between an official and a headless nail has not lost its point: “once lodged in place, it cannot be moved”

Starting small –  Two wealthy investors in the Romanian bourse were walking along the river on Saturday. One of them noticed that a kid was trying to steal the handkerchief of the other one and warned him about it. – It’s ok, let him do it, we also started small…

Dividing the Load: A couple of Socialists approached rabbi Rabinowitz, the Minsk rabbi, explained to him their social justice theories in great detail, and asked for his help. Happily, said the Rabbi, but lets divide the load. You will convince the rich to give away their money, I will convince the poor to accept it…

Suspicion: A wife came to the rabbi asking for divorce. Which fault have you found in him, asked the rabbi. Well, said the wife, I suspect out youngest child isn’t his…

An article adds more information on Alter Druyanov (1st on left of photo)  here including the good one “A witty man was once asked: “A doctor and a banker — which one is more important in the eyes of the Lord?”  The wit replied: “The doctor is more important in the eyes of the Lord. Proof: In the Ten Commandments, the Blessed Be He placed ‘Thou shalt not kill’ ahead of ‘Thou shalt not steal.’”

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