Elizabeth Taylor – Zionist among her many positive qualities

It was very impressive to read about Natalie Portman, Oscar winner – and her forthright support of Israel, and recent condemnation of the fashion twit.

Portman follows in the proud tradition of many supporters of Israel in the acting and arts fraternity.  Elizabeth Taylor, who died this week, was certainly a leading actor for many years.  More than that, she was an international icon. 

So, I was interested to read in this article from Arutz Sheva here, about how much she did for Israel… with statements like this:

“she was one of 60 prominent women to sign a statement in 1975 to then-UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, condemning the General Assembly’s infamous Zionism-is-Racism resolution. Taylor offered herself as a hostage when 104 Jews aboard an Air France airbus were held hostage by PLO terrorists at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport, from which they were rescued in a spectacular Israeli commando mission on July 4, 1976, America’s 200th birthday.”

“Elizabeth Taylor’s pro-Israel activism led to the banning of her films in several Arab countries. After she bought $100,000 in Israel Bonds in 1959, the United Arab Republic (now Egypt) banned all her movies. Gen. Essam Elmasri, head of the Cairo regional bureau of the Israel Boycott Office, said at the time that she would not be allowed into Egypt because she had adopted the Jewish faith and “supports Israeli causes.” 


 Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Portman’s proud support of Israel is a reminder of the calibre of Israel’s supporters.  Not everyone will, and some will be influenced by the anti-Israel rhetoric espoused by those who as “progressive” as 10th century donkeys.  Similarly, while musical characters like Elvis Costello and the suitably named Pixies, may shun visiting Israel, we have icons like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan who “get it” and are not cowered by the bigots.  Dylan’s song “Neighbourhood Bully”remains one of the best answers to the anti-Israel hypocrites and ignorantes.


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